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Our special production Hydraulic, Water and Air Pressure Vulcanized Conveyor Belt Presses
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Our Promise and Values

Nevon Makina is excited to share the knowledge and experience it has for many years with you, our valued customers. Our company, which has expert staff engaged in the production of machinery and steel structures since the day it was founded;

In addition to our own product, vulcanized presses, it also provides production services to the leading companies of the machinery manufacturing sectors. In this context, in addition to the production of light duty and construction machinery, which it is an expert in, it produces all machines in the middle and light class used in construction, all machinery and equipment in the light and medium class used in tunnels, as well as steel construction production.

Since the first day it was founded, it has been recognized in the machinery production sector in a short time thanks to the importance it attaches to quality and its determination to achieve the challenge, and it has never given up on these principles. The firm's unchanging principles have always been quality, service, timely delivery and reasonable prices. Working with the principle that the guarantee of success and continuity in production is honesty and quality in service, NEVON Makina will continue to serve you today and in the future, thanking you for your close attention and support.

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